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Fernando Carsa



Born and raised in Colima, Mexico to actor parents, Carsa found his passion for the arts at a young age. He began attending a performing arts school at age seven where he studied voice, dance, and acting. Following a seven-year stint in the program, Carsa moved to the U.S. with his eyes set on Broadway. Carsa went on to attend Fullerton College where he earned an Associate's Degree in Theatre Arts, before becoming the first transfer student in six years accepted into UCLA's Ray Bolger Musical Theater Program. His UCLA productions included: "Lainie's Cabaret: Movie Musicals," "CAMP SONG: A New Musical," "Rebel Genius," and "Lydia." Serendipitously, Carsa booked "Acapulco," which marks his television debut, six months following his graduation from UCLA.

When he isn't on set or stage, Carsa is likely dancing to Britney Spears, an inspiration who taught him how to speak English and live more authentically. He currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

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